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Lecture Series Begins in France

Dominique Trotignon delivering his lecture [© ACSF]

On March 5, the Soka Cultural Association in France (ACSF) held the first lecture in a three-year series titled "Knowledge of Buddhism." The lecture was held at the Soka center in Paris. Guest speaker Dominique Trotignon, director of the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Paris and president of the Theravada Buddhist Association Vivekarama, focused on Buddhism in its Indian context.

Mr. Trotignon discussed the origins of Buddhism and spoke on the relationship between Buddhism and Brahmanism, the transmission of Shakyamuni's teachings by his disciples, the role of King Ashoka, and the evolution of monastic Buddhist practice and Mahayana Buddhism.

The "Knowledge of Buddhism" lecture series will include presentations by a range of experts and will run until 2017. In 2015, the series will cover the transmission of Buddhism in specific geographical areas--India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. In 2016, the series will introduce the main Buddhist schools and, in 2017, the lectures will focus on the links between Buddhism and other religions, as well as its connection to fields such as the sciences and arts.